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The Best Star Wars Home Decorations

24 May

“Star Wars” has produced some of the coolest merchandise ever. They have had action figures, legos and also some really sweet decorations for living space. Here are 16 badass “Star Wars” themed rooms.

Star Wars Decor - Bathroom
Star Wars Decor - Sky Factory
Star Wars Decor - Y Wing
Star Wars Decor - R2D2
Star Wars Decor - Table
Star Wars Decor - Walker Bed
Star Wars Decor - Featured
Star Wars Decor - Wall
Star Wars Decor - Speeder
Star Wars Decor - Falcon Bed
Star Wars Decor - Theater
Star Wars Decor - Vader Wall
Star Wars Decor - Carbonite
Star Wars Decor - Droids
Star Wars Decor - C3P0
Star Wars Decor - Big Poster

The Perfect Resume

21 May

Perfect Resume

Top 40 Best Animated Dog Gifs – Page 2

10 May

Click the thumbnail to view.

Pool Shark Dog

Phone Dog

Dog Poo

Dog Pulls Hair

Puppy vs. Ball

Dog Sex

Dog Slide

Dog Slides Down Snow

Dog Spins on Record Player

Surfing Dog

Dog Swing

Dog Treat Fail

Dog With Vampire Teeth

Dog vs. Car

Dog vs. Girl

Dog vs. Goat

Dog vs. Turtle

Dog in Wind

Dogs Knock Over Kid

Pug Conga Line

Page 1 | Page 2

Top 40 Best Animated Dog Gifs

9 May

Click the thumbnail to view.

Dog Bites Woman

Dog Bites Balls

Lap Dog vs. Cat

Dog Climbs Tree

Dog Conga Line

Corgi Flop

Dog Crosswalk

Dog and Cupcake

Dog Goes Downstairs

Dramatic Pug

Dreaming Dog

Fetch Fail

Dog Fountain Love

Dog vs. Grandma

Dog on Treadmill

Dog Knocks Over Kid

Dog vs. Owner

Dog Mowing Lawn

Dog vs. Muddy Kid

Dog Pee

Page 1 | Page 2

Top 24 Best Animated Cat Gifs

5 May

Click the thumbnail to view.

Lazy Cat Vs. Remote Control Car

Whack a Kitty

Cat Vs Rabbit

Spider Cat

Cat Vs. Bag

Cat Vs. TV

Cat Vs. Bathtub

Surprised Cat

Cat Running on Slide

Cat Ninja

Cat Vs. Computer Monitor

Cat Loses Friends in Snow

Cute Kitten

Cute Kitten in a Can

Kid Tries Throwing Cat Into Pool

Cat Jump Win

Cute Cat Hugs Teddy Bear

Cat Scares Dog Hiding In Box

Cat Camouflage Scares Other Cat

Cat Bowling

Cat Booger

Cat Bed Jump Fail

Cat Vs Balloon

Cat Vs. Pillow

Top 10 Best Jumping Fail Videos

26 Apr

Kid Jumping Into The Pool Fail

Creek Jump Fail

Roof Jump Fail

Ski Jump Fail

Pool Jump Fail

Bike Jump Fail

Roof Jump Fail

Railing Jump Fail

Cart Jump Fail

Cheap Furniture Jump Fail

Top 10 Best Facebook Fails

25 Apr

Below are the best compiled images of Facebook Post Fails around. Enjoy!

Spelling Facebook Fail

Relationship Facebook Fail

Bible Quote Facebook Fail

Masturbation Hand Facebook Fail

News 13 Lesbian Facebook Fail

Password Facebook Prank

Cancer Facebook Fail

Fired from Job Fail

American Car Fail

Ignoring Mom on Facebook

Top 10 Best Photobomb Pictures

21 Apr

Photobombing — Intentionally turning up in the background of other people’s photographs with the goal of ruining them.

Check out this list of the top 10 best photobombs.

Scary Face Photobomb

Wedding Fountain Photobomb

Beach Photobomb

Buss Glass Window Photobomb

Panties Photobomb

Pool Ass Photobomb

Beach Hand in Pants Photobomb

Dudes Beach Photobomb

Guys Kissing Photobomb

White Guy Photobomb

The Top 10 Best News Fails

18 Apr

Weather Man Afraid of a Cockroach

Weather Man = Child Molester?

“Top” What?

J-Lo Slip-up

A news reporter catches flies fly in his mouth during a story.

Reporter Fail

Reporter Attacked by Kids

Man keeps irritating News Reporter

Mugshot Fail

Reporter Woman’s nose leaking during broadcast

Top 10 Scary Easter Bunny Pictures

16 Apr

Happy Easter. The following Easter Bunnies are so amazingly evil, creepy and/or frightening that I just had to share.

Scary evil easter bunny

easter bunny

scary bunny & mom

the scary easter bunny

scary easter bunny

evil easter bunny

Lily's 1st Easter

Creepy Scary Easter Bunny

Evil Easter bunny