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Archive | Creepy

WTF Is That?

5 May

WTF.  Seriously WTF is that?

HUGE Spider Hides Behind Clock

18 Apr

Long ago (in Internet years), someone came home to see four giant spider legs hanging out from the clock on their wall. Naturally, most people would monkey scream, and bounce into the safety of the night like a baby deer. This brave soul, however, grabbed a camera, removed the clock from the wall, and photographed the horror found beneath.

Huge Spider Behind a Clock

Top 10 Scary Easter Bunny Pictures

16 Apr

Happy Easter. The following Easter Bunnies are so amazingly evil, creepy and/or frightening that I just had to share.

Scary evil easter bunny

easter bunny

scary bunny & mom

the scary easter bunny

scary easter bunny

evil easter bunny

Lily's 1st Easter

Creepy Scary Easter Bunny

Evil Easter bunny