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Don’t Mess With Cookie Monster

8 Jun

via Snuh

Bauhaus…er, Milhaus

8 Jun

Bike Kid Addresses The Nation

8 Jun

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Epic Will Smith A Capella Mix

2 Jun

Matt Mulholland takes on the feat of covering some of Will Smith’s famous songs. His A Capella performance includes the Fresh Prince of Bel Air Theme, Wild West, Men in Black Theme, Gettin’ Jiggy with it, and Just the Two of Us.

via VVV

Honoring The Return of VH1’s Pop-Up Video

26 May


Remember music videos? It’s hard to remember a time when they were a thing. But they were. They were a real thing, and they played them on TV and everything. One particularly great moment for music videos was when VH1 had its final stroke of inspiration before they had a conniption fit and shit their pants and produced one terrible reality show starring has-been celebrities after another. This inspiration took the form of a show called Pop-up Video, which was a show that played nothing but music videos that would have small, entertaining factoids about the artist, the song they were singing, and the creation of the video itself, along with an endless array of other trivia, literally pop on to the screen accompanied by a bubble burst sound effect. It was it was an extremely entertaining thing back in the 90s, and the world of science has yet to figure out why. It just was. We didn’t have cat videos to watch back then, so that might have played a part in the show’s success.

The show’s been of the air for some time now, but just yesterday all children of the 90s were given a dose of great news: starting this fall, VH1 will be bringing back Pop-Up Video!

We were so excited by this news that we felt the best way to introduce a new generation of Pop-Up Video fans to the show was to compile a list of the kind of factoids that would periodically pop on to the screen and pop out right out of your head the moment it was gone.




Van Halen

Popup video eyes

Spice Girls

Michael Jackson

Disturbing Different Strokes (Video)

11 Oct

A new soundtrack adds a whole new perspective on that old man’s intentions.

Reservoir Dogs vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Video)

11 Feb