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25 May

Joplin: before and after tornado.

Bark J’s Bath Time

25 May

Dog Bath

Breakfast Wisdom

25 May

They've done studies, you know. 90% of the time, it works every time.


25 May

via FYFT

Racist Dove Ad

25 May

The Best Star Wars Home Decorations

24 May

“Star Wars” has produced some of the coolest merchandise ever. They have had action figures, legos and also some really sweet decorations for living space. Here are 16 badass “Star Wars” themed rooms.

Star Wars Decor - Bathroom
Star Wars Decor - Sky Factory
Star Wars Decor - Y Wing
Star Wars Decor - R2D2
Star Wars Decor - Table
Star Wars Decor - Walker Bed
Star Wars Decor - Featured
Star Wars Decor - Wall
Star Wars Decor - Speeder
Star Wars Decor - Falcon Bed
Star Wars Decor - Theater
Star Wars Decor - Vader Wall
Star Wars Decor - Carbonite
Star Wars Decor - Droids
Star Wars Decor - C3P0
Star Wars Decor - Big Poster

Fastest. Turtle. Ever.

23 May

I honestly didn't know a turtle could move this fast.

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Man Attacks Woman With A Pool Noodle Over A Rotting Watermelon Shaped Like A Human Head

23 May

True story.
The man was arrested and charged with battery.

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  1. Via Obscure Store

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The Perfect Resume

21 May

Perfect Resume

I’m So Angry…

16 May

I'm So Angry I Made A Sign