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Don’t Mess With Meow J

15 Nov

  • Yellowbeachbanana201

    little brat. GO kitty.

  • Viks48

    chamaco estupido pegarle a un animal!!!!! bien por el gato! :)

  • Wendydlc13

    Hahahaha kid got what he deserves. Don’t mess with animals yo

  • OnlySanePerson

    Cat should be put down.

    • Eli Buddy

      right, an animal should be put down for acting on instinct and defending itself…
      you consider the rest of us crazy? you realize that children who hurt animals often grow up to be violent criminals. I agree the parents are terrible parents. I would never just sit there taping my child hitting my cat, in the time the cat paused before pouncing I would have yanked the kid away to be punished. people need to have more respect for animals.

    • Angusodea

      The cat was defending itself you goon. Kid should learn not to hit animals.

    • All cats should be put down, but that’s beside the point.

      • Your Mom

        You should be put down dipshit.

        • Cat-lover, I assume? Greetings. If you’d had to repair/replace as much of my property as I have as a direct result of other people’s cats as I have, you wouldn’t be fond of them, either. Best example, 2000 dollar soft-top on the convertible: ruined by cats sliding down the back with claws out.

          • Kittykatt5015

            Well next time you’ll put it in the garage, won’t ya big boy? Mommy always said put your toys away or they’ll get stepped on!

  • Heyfuckyou

    @0f087edb19adece3021e734f7c4a1f6b:disqus hey go kill yourself. that piece of shit kid hit that cat. that kids lucky he didnt get an eye scratched out…that punk got what he deserved. go cat.

  • Adam

    Kid smacked the shit out of the cat, results are unexpected

  • Adam

    *not unexpected, damn iPad

  • Mtbrider

    some say tit for cat is even better than tit for tat 

  • Four Nick Hater

    What wonderful parents..

    • How do you figure? Younglings (of any species) instinctively test their boundaries in every sense. You can tell a toddler not to hit the cat 100 times, but at some point, they’re GOING to hit that cat….and it’s just as well the cat upheld it’s duty as a cat by showing the toddler one of the reasons you don’t hit the cat. It might just f**k you up.

      • nokids,greatlife

        The stupid ass kid does deserve it, idc how old you are. If I seen a kid do that to one of my animals I would put them feet first into a blender. And if your offended by this cuz you have kids, well I feel sorry for you for having one of those devils. I don’t have one and I drive a brand new corvette cuz I don’t. So haha and fuck you all with kids

  • jay

    Cat puts brat in his place. Good kitty.

  • Gyui

    the baby should be put down.

    • Guest

      Any grown ass person thinking a baby should be put down for a simple mistake, needs to get put down.

      • Chelseafc811

        Welcome to the Internet. Waring: Sarcasm may be present.

  • Bink

    Gotta love a self-respecting, take no shit cat. The parents need to train their kid on how to act around animals before turning him loose on them.

  • anon

    Sometimes kids learn not to touch the stove because they get burned once. Same thing. Parents can tell a kid “don’t hit the cat” but until he sees why, what’s really going to stop him? Good kitty. 

  • Medsy

    I’d scratch the kid aswell.

  • That, my friends, is how children learn respect for other creatures. If you don’t respect it, it may very well decide to beat some respect into you. A lesson like that one will be remembered far better than parents simply saying “Don’t hit the damn cat.”

  • hoola hooooop

    well that’s what he gets for being so rough to such a soft pussy! His father needs to teach him how to caress and care for such a fragile being. Not every pussy likes to be hit.

  • Moobie69

    An future serial killer.

  • Tamale


  • Susi

    Both the cat and the baby should die, and you readers too.

    • Titicoo

       luv u

  • Sdofjf2

    The dumbass kid deserved getting knocked out. All the retards that think a cat was wrong for defending itself should go ahead and kill themselves. Teach your damn kids right and wrong, and maybe put down the video camera and discipline your child.

  • That kid deserved for that cat to retaliate, I hope he got scratched up good, that’ll be sure to teach him a lesson. And I hope his parents are even bothering to teach him that hitting animals is wrong.

  • Guest

    They left out the part where the kid was crying first because the cat fucked with him.  People saying this baby deserved it…  really?  It’s not like he knew any better.  Fuck off and leave the kid alone.  Too much “protect the animals” not enough “protect the kids”.  He is not a future serial killer (well, he may be, but this is definitely not proof)

  • Guest

    that cat has some serious sass going on

  • Buhahaha Thank you Stumble

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